Value of Routine Pediatric Eye Exams

Every parent should make regular eye exam appointments for their child. A good optometrist will provide the best eye care for your child. They are well-trained and have effective clinical tools to perform eye exams. There are many benefits of regular eye exams for your little one. Here are some of them.


Catching Eye Problems at an Early Age


The chances of catching eye and vision issues at an early age increase with routine eye exams. Some of the issues that can be caught early include:


  • Eye focusing issues and color blindness. The pediatric eye exam will check for your baby’s color vision, depth perception, and ability to focus


  • Convergence insufficiency. This is when your child’s eye is unable to maintain the correct alignment when focusing on nearby objects. It might cause eye discomfort and double vision


  • Amblyopia or lazy eye is a condition where your child experiences decreased vision in one or both eyes. Although it does not show any physical damage in the eye structure, it can be caught early during routine pediatric exams


  • Strabismus. This is a condition affecting eye muscle control and can cause crossed or misaligned eyes. When caught and treated at an early age, the eye will develop normally



Enhancing Your Kid’s School Performance


If your toddler has problems with their eyes or vision, this can directly impact their performance in school. It could compromise their safety in and out of the classroom too. Routine eye exams ensure they have good vision at every distance and have proper eye coordination.


Also, it ensures they have precise eye movement and accurate focusing abilities. During class, they should be able to keep up with other kids when reading, drawing, or doing activities that involve colors.


Determining the Proper Treatment


Because routine pediatric exams catch eye and vision issues early, the appropriate course of treatment can be administered early too. This is more effective than catching an eye issue during advanced stages.


Once your pediatric eye doctor makes a diagnosis, they can prescribe proper treatment. This may include eye contacts, glasses, or eye surgery. Other treatments include eye drops and neurological pathways stimulation.


Promotes Peace of Mind


When your child’s eyes are subject to regular exams, you will enjoy peace of mind. Every parent wants their little bundle of joy to have a great start in life. Good eye health and vision skills are a major part of your child’s development. It enhances their academic prowess and makes their social life easier.


Your child will also have peace of mind since they do not struggle and get frustrated by vision problems. According to research, about 80 percent of learning is dependent on vision.


They Are More Comprehensive


Eye experts recommend proper pediatric eye exams since they are more comprehensive. A simple sight test at their school is not enough to uncover any underlying eye issues. Pediatricians give more thorough exams that can help catch serious eye issues at an early age. This test also considers conditions such as cancer, blood pressure, and diabetes, among others.


For more information on scheduling a routine pediatric exam, contact Centennial Family Eyecare in Las Vegas at (702) 941-7800 or Skye Canyon, Nevada at (702) 803-2020 to schedule an appointment.

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