Top Tips for Choosing Frames to Suit Your Face Shape

Getting the right frames for your face shape can be a challenging task. That is quite understandable, with your face being the most important feature when choosing eyeglasses. If you do not know where to start, look at the mirror. Get conversant with your facial features and find out your face shape. Here are common face shapes and the frames that suit each of them.



Square Face Shape



A square face shape has more pronounced outlines with an equally broad forehead, cheekbones, and jaw. You can soften the angles with round or oval frames. Choose thinner frames that make your face look longer and narrower.


Also, ensure that your frames are a little broader than your cheekbones to balance your facial features. Avoid square or angular frames. These will sharpen your angles and make your face look bulky.



Round Face Shape



Round faces have softer outlines with somewhat broad cheekbones and an equally broad forehead and jawline. If you have a round face shape, you want to sharpen your soft facial features with frames that have bold angles.


With a round face shape, your cheeks appear full. Ensure that the base of your frames sits right above your cheekbones to add more definition to the curves. Avoid round frames, rimless eyeglasses, and smaller frames. They will only emphasize the roundness and make your face appear even rounder.



Heart Face Shape



Heart-shaped faces have broad foreheads, high cheekbones, and narrow jaws. A heart-shaped face is versatile and can look good with various frames. If your face is heart-shaped, you want frames that balance the broadness of your forehead and the thinness of your chin and jawline.

Frames that are a little wider than your forehead and have round edges can balance and flatter your facial features. Square, round, or oval frames with round bases will downplay a broad forehead. Avoid those that draw attention to your forehead. These include frames with embellished or decorated tops.



Oval Face Shape



Oval faces are the most versatile face shapes. With slightly broad cheekbones and a slim forehead and jawline, your oval face shape will go well with most frames. Go for geometric ones that are wider than your cheekbones.


Avoid oversized frames that cover most of your face. These will throw off your face’s natural balance and evenness.



Triangle Face Shape



A triangle face shape is broadest at the jawline and narrower at the forehead. So, you want to pick wide frames at the top and narrow at the bottom. 


Flatter your facial features with a mix of rectangular, round, cat-eye, and aviator frames. Avoid frames that are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. These will draw attention to your jaws and highlight the thinness of your forehead.


To conclude, remember to pick frame colors that flatter your skin tone and hair color. Knowing the colors that complement your look and style will also help you get the best frames.


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