Candidates for Scleral and Semi-Scleral Lenses

People with irregular cornea have trouble getting regular lenses. This is because most contact lenses only cover the eye’s pupil. Scleral lenses are designed to fit over the entire cornea. They provide a smooth surface over the corneal irregularity. This helps to improve the function of the cornea. Scleral contact lenses are gas permeable. They offer better comfort and function than normal lenses. The size of the lenses is determined by the complexity of the eye condition. Here are some of the people that can be helped to see better by using scleral lenses.


Patients With an Irregular Shaped Cornea


A normal cornea is shaped like a tiny dome. Some patients have a cornea that is more of a cone than a dome. Others have groves and irregular depressions on their cornea. Such people have a difficult time fitting into regular lenses. Scleral lenses have a design that vaults over the cornea and land on to the sclera.


Patients With Dry Eye


Dry eye disease is becoming very common. Changes in the weather, as well as lifestyle, are causing many people to have dry eyes. Dry eye affects the eye’s tear film. If the tear-field dries too fast, the eye lacks enough lubrication. GP lenses do not rehydrate the eye. Regular GP contact lenses irritate the eye and make dry eye even more severe over time. Scleral lenses have a gap between the eye and the lens that facilitates enough lubrication for the eye.


Patients Suffering From Ocular Conditions


Systemic ocular conditions can make it hard for patients to use regular lenses. Scleral lenses protect the ocular surface. Inflammation and problems caused by ocular disease make the eye sensitive. Scleral lenses protect the ocular surface from exposure to the elements. They create a liquid layer that acts as a cushion for the pupils.


Patients With Refractive Error


Patients with refractive error conditions benefit from scleral lenses. GP lenses provide a sharp vision, which is good for patients with refractive errors. If the shape of the retina is compromised, scleral lenses can fix the quality of vision for the patient.


Patients With Astigmatism


Patients with astigmatism have a hard time fitting into regular lenses. If your cornea is misshapen, then normal lenses are not for you. If your retina is misshapen, then you may not be a good candidate for normal soft lenses. Soft lenses are unstable for astigmatism patients. They cause unstable fluctuations that worsen the patient’s vision. Patients with lenticular astigmatism especially cannot use soft contact lenses. The scleral GP lenses trap a liquid underneath the lens. This is good for astigmatic patients.


Does Insurance Pay for Scleral Lenses?


Medical insurance is very tricky when it comes to eye care. Most of them are very restrictive on how they cover eye care services. A good vision insurance cover should pay for all the expenses. Some pay for the initial installation, but not for the follow-up and aftercare. It is good to consult with your health care insurance provider before making an appointment.

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