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chromagen lenses  for dyslexia, color blindness and reading problems
chromagen lenses  for dyslexia, color blindness and reading problems  Understanding
Reading Problems and Visual Dyslexia
We often hear about parents who struggle with children who have dyslexia or reading problems that are told after an eye exam that their child's vision is 20/20. They are told, “Dyslexia is not a vision problem” so they need to look elsewhere for help as their issues will not be solved with an eyeglass or contact modality.
The problem stems from the term 20/20 being commonly mistaken for vision when it truly refers to an individual's sight. 20/20 refers to sight and not vision. 20/20, 20/30, etc., are actually measurements of a person's ability to see a certain size object at a certain distance. Vision is the ability to understand and use the information that we see for purposeful activity. In short, visual acuity or sight measures only the smallest detail we can see; it does not represent the quality of vision to understand what we see. Your child could have perfect sight (20/20) and still have a variety of vision issues or reading problems.
chromagen lenses  for dyslexia, color blindness and reading problems  Dyslexia - A Vision Issue
Dyslexia is a vision issue because the child has difficulty correctly processing and understanding what they see. The vision process is quite complex.

Each eye has two parallel processing systems that must be balanced and additionally, both eyes must work together for efficient reading. If these two systems are not balanced, the child will experience the common dyslexia symptoms of words blurring or doubling, words moving on the page, headaches, eyestrain and reduced reading speed and comprehension.
We offer a simple survey to determine if you could benefit from using the ChromaGen lenses. Once approved, we will schedule an in-office exam to prescribe the correct ChromaGen lenses for you. The lenses have the appearance of neutral gray and you can wear them as contact lenses, eyeglasses and or we can incorporate ChromaGen into your existing prescription.
ChromaGen Can Help!
Our users report dramatic results in reading ability and comprehension when using ChromaGen lenses. ChromaGen users now look forward to reading where before they avoided reading at all costs because they got headaches, nausea and reading made them tired.

The most common response from our users is;
"...this is the first time I have seen words stand still and don't move on the page". 
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If you suffer from reading problems or dyslexia where you see words moving in some fashion or you get headaches, nausea or fatigue while reading, take the ChromaGen Survey now to see if ChromaGen lenses can change your life!  
chromagen lenses  for dyslexia, color blindness and reading problems  Here's how it works.
The ChromaGen lenses change the wavelength of light going into both your eyes allowing the speed of the information traveling along your brain's neurological pathways to be balanced.

ChromaGen lenses are a life-changing aid that could work for you, if you suffer from any of the following symptoms;
chromagen lenses  for dyslexia, color blindness and reading problems

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