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7090 N. Durango Blvd. #110
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Inside the Smith's Shopping Center @ Durango & Elkhorn
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"OK Glass, how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"
With Google Glass, ask the Glass and get instant answers!
Google Glass is designed for you and what you do. Google Glass is Rx capable and has a camera, a touch pad, gyroscope, accelerometer, a compass, a radio, a micro USB charger port, a microphone, a speaker, and and other goodies.

You can tell Glass to do lots of things like a Google search, take a picture, record a video, get directions, send a message, and make a call. All you have to do is say the magic words "ok glass" and then say your voice action aloud. Once you say "ok glass," you'll see all available voice actions. You can also tap the touchpad while on your Home screen to open the voice action list without speaking.
Google Glass
Google Glass GolfSight GolfSight

GolfSight is a golf GPS rangefinder made specifically for Glass. It gives you accurate pin distance, course data, and scoring information, all without having to dig through your pockets. 
Google Glass Play Music Google Play Music

Need motivation to push it one more mile? Simply say "ok glass, listen to" to fire up your favorite tracks from Google Play Music.
Google Glass LynxFit LynxFit

LynxFit is a personal fitness coach that helps keep you on track with your health goals. Subscribe to a workout challenge, track your activity, and receive real time coaching through Glass. 
Google Glass Navigation Navigation

Whether you love to cycle or run, Glass makes it easy to stay on course with turn-by-turn navigation. 
Google Glass Strava Cycle Strava Cycle

Strava for Glass makes it easy to track your rides, visualize your progress, and challenge your friends, all while keeping your hands on the handlebars. 
Google Glass Strava Run Strava Run

Strava for Glass makes accessing your real time feedback even easier so you can stay in control of your run. Track your runs with GPS, analyze your performance, set new personal records and see how you stack up against friends. 
Google Glass  SwingByte SwingByte

Swingbyte for Glass provides the most natural, hands free way to improve your golf game. Get real time swing data, coaching and more, all without having to step away from the tee. 

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